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Corporate Lawyer

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Corporate Lawyer


General information

Kapital Bank OJSC invites candidates to apply for the position of Lawyer at  Legal Department and be a part of a professional team.



  • Necessary legal support to corporate management issues in the Bank;
  • Drafting contracts, letters and further documents;
  • Legal support about several bank products, research on national and foreign legislation, state practice and precedents;
  • Preparation of legal opinions;
  • Participation in drafting responses to legal inquiries;
  • In-time investigation of legal issues occurring in all structural units of the Bank and participation in the process of instruction of employees;
  • Conducting review of all agreements, as well as international agreements and contracts signed in terms of the activities of the Bank.

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  • Bachelor degree in law;
  • Work experience - at least 3 years as Corporate Lawyer;
  • Banking experience will be an asset;
  • Language skills - working proficiency in two languages: English and Azerbaijani ;
  • Relevant knowledge in civil, labor, tax and bank legislations;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Time management skills;
  • Teamwork skills.

Please, send your CV to  with a subject line “Corporate Lawyer”.

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